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Pupil Premium from September 2013: What’s changing?

Tuesday, 09 July 2013

See what the latest announcements on the Pupil Premium mean for your school from September 2013.

The Department for Education has announced that as of September 2013, Ofsted will place a greater emphasis on schools’ performance on disadvantaged pupils.

The Pupil Premium will mean an extra £900 per eligible pupil from September, to be used by schools to raise attainment for all disadvantaged pupils and close what the government has called “the unacceptable attainment gap” between them and their peers.

The new measures, announced by Schools Minister David Laws, include:

Sharper focus on closing the attainment gap

From September 2013, Ofsted will introduce a sharper focus on the performance and progress of Pupil Premium students in their inspections. The government has said: “It is unlikely that a school will be judged ‘outstanding’ if its disadvantaged pupils are not making good progress.”

Schools will be inspected on:

How schools use the Pupil Premium

The Department for Education has also published an independent evaluation of the Pupil Premium, carried out by social researchers TNS-BMRB and the universities of Manchester and Newcastle.

In a survey of 1,240 schools, they found that:
Schools have been warned that they must use the Pupil Premium funding specifically for disadvantaged learners and that it can’t be used for things like improving classrooms or to offset budget cuts elsewhere.

More to be done

Schools Minister David Laws said:

“It is vital we support disadvantaged pupils to fulfil their potential. We introduced the Pupil Premium to give headteachers a funding boost to achieve that aim and the evaluation showed promising signs of its impact.

“However, there is much more to be done. Disadvantaged pupils’ attainment is unacceptably low compared with their peers. Schools must shoulder the responsibility to reverse that, and the government must help them do that as well as hold them to account.

“I am pleased that Ofsted will add considerable weight to its scrutiny of the progress of disadvantaged pupils during its school inspections. And the Pupil Premium review process will help struggling schools to form a plan of action to ensure they are using this significant extra money effectively.”

Three ways vision2learn can help with your Pupil Premium strategy

Vision2learn for schools is an ideal way to invest the Pupil Premium and can be justified to Ofsted under accountability requirements:
If you’re looking for effective ways to invest your Pupil Premium to raise attainment amongst FSM pupils, just get in touch to find out more.