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Enterprise Skills Project

Today’s young enterprise pupils are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. This course helps to empower and enable pupils to have enterprising ambitions. It gives them the determination and drive to make ideas happen. They will have the opportunity to plan and carry out an enterprising project, reflect on the experience and make plans for future development.

Enterprise Skills - Good for: Project work, encouraging extra-curricular activities

Resource details

In this course, there are 3 units for learners to work through.

Unit one

Understand and explore enterprise capabilities

  • Identify the key characteristics and capabilities of successful entrepreneurs
  • Evaluate a project idea
  • Create a project plan
  • Understand the importance of good financial control.

Unit two

Plan and carry out an enterprising project

  • Identify the resources needed to carry out an enterprise project
  • Understand how to work effectively in teams
  • Know the importance of good communication
  • Understand how to maintain effective relationships.

Unit three

Evaluation of enterprise project and self-development

  • Understand how and where to obtain feedback
  • Identify the knowledge gained from the enterprise project
  • Make a plan for future development.