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Gradeboosters is a ‘Learning to Learn’ resource and is part of our suite of ‘performance boosters’. These are resources designed to help your learners explore their considerable capacity to learn and to help your school implement ‘Learning to Learn’ strategies in practical, hands-on ways.

Gradeboosters aims to give pupils a structured approach to improving their performance in assessed work and in examinations. In this short online programme students will work through 4 Sessions that will help them to take responsibility for their learning and give them practical techniques to take targeted action to improve their GCSE grades.

Learners will discover:

  • How to improve their Action and Awareness when studying a subject
  • How to organise their learning activities to maximise performance in assessments
  • How to improve their time management and make the most of each study session
  • How to create good study habits
  • Key points to help them prepare for exams in a targeted, structured way
  • How to use their new approach to learning throughout their lives.
Gradeboosters - Good for: Revision, motivational study, working in tutorial groups

Resource details

During this short programme, learners will work through 4 Sessions.

Session 1

Awareness and Action

In this Session learners will discover:

  • The importance of having high Awareness and high Action in order to perform most effectively.

Session 2

Improving Awareness

In this Session learners will find out:

  • How to improve their Awareness, so they know exactly what is covered in a course and how it will be assessed
  • How to target their learning activity to maximise results.

Session 3

Increasing Action

In this Session students will look at:

  • How to generate Action that will help them to boost their grades
  • How to identify time that could be made available for studying.

Session 4

Making the most of your study time

In this Session students will learn:

  • How to make the most of their study time
  • Key points to help them prepare for exams.

All current learners will find a ‘Learning to Learn’ tab in the navigation bar of their My Study area – Gradeboosters can be found here.

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