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GCSE Leisure and Tourism

GCSE Edexcel Leisure and Tourism
(2LT01) Single Award

This online resource opens up the wide world of leisure and tourism, helping your pupils develop a clear understanding of the contribution that leisure and tourism makes to society and the economy. Pupils will gain vital problem solving, evaluation and evidence-gathering skills to help them complete their GCSE assessments. This qualification may be used as a platform to access further study in the subject and a career in the leisure, travel and tourism sector.

GCSE Leisure Tourism - Good for: Explaining, exploring and evaluating the leisure and tourism industry

Resource details

Learners must complete both units. Here's a taste of what's covered:

Unit one

The leisure and tourism industry

This unit is about understanding the nature of the leisure and tourism industry including: an introduction to business operations in leisure and tourism, factors influencing customer choice and an introduction to destinations, impacts and sustainability. This unit is externally assessed.

Unit two

GCSE Leisure Tourism

Qualification Aim Number (QAN): 500/4472/2
Section 96: <16 / 16-18

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