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Nutrition and Health

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health (QCF)

With a wide range of healthy eating tips, information and ideas, this Nutrition and Health course is packed with practical advice on healthy eating. It explains what healthy eating is and why it’s important. The content covers the dietary needs for different ages, healthy food preparation, food labelling, food additives and eating disorders. Learners can use the content to write their own healthy eating plans, menus and recipes to ensure that they eat a healthy balanced diet.

Nutrition and Health - Good for: Learning about healthy eating and planning balanced meals

Course details

Here’s a taste of what the course covers:

Unit one

The principles of healthy eating

This unit covers the following:

  • Diet and health
  • Components of a healthy diet
  • Nutrients
  • Healthy food preparation.

Unit two

The nutritional needs of individuals

This unit covers the following:

  • Nutritional needs of children and young people
  • Nutritional needs of older people
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Barriers to healthy eating.

Unit three

Planning a healthy diet

This unit covers the following:

  • Understanding food labelling
  • Understanding food additives
  • Applying principles of healthy eating.

Unit four

Principles of weight management

This unit covers the following:

  • Risks associated with ineffective weight management
  • Body image and weight management
  • Planning a short-term weight management programme.

Unit five

Understanding eating disorders

This unit covers the following:

  • Different eating disorders
  • Causes of eating disorders
  • How eating disorders affect the individual and others
  • Managing eating disorders.

Unit six

Principles of food safety for the home environment

This unit covers the following:

  • Handling food safely
  • Personal hygiene when handling food
  • Storing food safely
  • Effect of food storage on nutritional value
  • Keeping food work area clean
  • Checking food is cooked to the correct temperature
  • Disposing of food waste safely.
Nutrition and Health

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