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GCSE Statistics

This GCSE Statistics resource provides engaging and innovative material to aid learners taking either the foundation or higher syllabus options. The resource is designed to enable learners to develop their knowledge of statistical concepts and methods, while consolidating mathematical skills and building confidence when handling a range of information.

Learners will gain the knowledge needed for their GCSE assessments while developing their ability to represent, analyse and use statistical data in a way which encourages strong perception and independence of thought. Learners will acquire desirable, transferable skills in applying specialised knowledge to real life situations and gain a qualification which complements a wide range of future study and career avenues.

The core content is accompanied by innovative features such as the ‘Test yourself!’ activity check points and useful ‘Language of Maths’ glossary which enable the learner to quickly secure their knowledge of recently revised topics. Alongside this is a fun ‘Examinator’ feature which provides exam tips and tricks for those learners who need a little extra support as they work through the course.

Statistics- Good for: Learners who are seeking further study in subjects outside of Mathematics also, such as A-level Science and Business Studies.

Resource details

The course consists of five units, which map to the Edexcel approved GCSE.

Unit one

The collection of data

This unit guides the learner through various types of data and encourages them to choose an appropriate method of obtaining data for a specific line of enquiry. The learner will acquire a solid understanding of population and sampling while learning how to collect data through observation, surveys, experiments, questionnaires and measurement.

Unit two

Unit three

Unit four

Unit five


Qualification Aim Number (QAN): 500/4456/4
Section 96: <16 / 16-18

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