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A 'digital classroom' for the hardest-to-reach

Monday, 09 September 2013

Using interactive e-learning to engage and motivate hard-to-reach learners

The new school year is just beginning and enthusiasm is generally running high. Many pupils are excited to meet up with friends and start learning again.

However, the reality for some pupils is very different. These students just cannot engage with school and learning for a variety of complex reasons. They dread September and return to school with an attitude of resigned indifference. How can teachers inspire and motivate these hard-to-reach learners and help them to reach their full potential?

A fresh approach to learning

Vulnerable pupils need extra support now more than ever. This year the GCSE pass rate fell marginally for the first time in the exam's 25-year history and the percentage of pupils achieving A*-C fell by 0.5 percentage points.

vision2learn for schools helps hard-to-reach 14–19 year olds to engage and achieve more through e-learning, including vocational qualifications and GCSEs in key subjects.

Our latest online GCSE resource is IGCSE First Language English. Launched today, this flexible resource is divided into bite-size chunks specifically designed to engage low attainers and help them to believe they can achieve.

vision2learn for schoolsIGCSE English resource is based on proven strategies for raising attainment and has been developed with IGCSE English teachers and exam experts. The emphasis is on positive achievement – students are rewarded for what they can do, rather than penalised for mistakes. Hard-to-reach learners in particular respond well to this positive reassurance and support.

New features: video coaching

Our IGCSE English resource includes all the tried and tested features that we know work online, such as:

• Step-by-step learning goals
• Interactive content, including videos, sound files and quizzes to boost engagement
• Highly structured templates to help pupils organise their ideas
• Practice papers to master exam technique
• ‘Help me’ alerts to show teachers exactly where learners are struggling
• Attitude and behaviour self-checks to encourage reflective and peer learning.

For the first time, we’ve also included an exciting new video coaching element in this resource, lending it a uniquely personal touch. Thirty-seven mini coaching clips by Teacher and Examiner Rachel Johnson are interspersed throughout the IGCSE English programme. Each one helps to reiterate key points and motivate learners. Rachel talks directly to the learner and is a constant source of positive support.

E-learning: a neutral space

Crucially, our unique digital classroom gives vulnerable learners a neutral space where they can focus on their own learning without distractions. Many hard-to-reach pupils respond well to this different approach to learning. They can learn on an internet-connected PC at their own pace and take control of their studies, often for the first time.

Here’s what pupils at some of our partner schools had to say:

“Looking back to year 11, the vision2learn programme I did gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed at that time, and I started to work harder. That meant that I achieved my 5 A – C grades, and I joined the sixth form. It’s been really positive for me and I know this was the right choice. I think vision2learn opened doors for me that would have otherwise been closed.” Nathan Aygei, Coombe Boys School

“Learning online came really naturally to me. I found I could work through the units by myself, and see the progress I was making which helped me keep my focus. The course content was really interesting and I surprised myself by how much I ended up writing.” Hannah Nichols, Langley Academy

Contact us

If you’d like to find out more about how vision2learn for schools can help your hard-to-reach learners please get in touch to book a meeting or online demo.