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Great for Progress 8

IGCSE First Language English

This innovative resource supports learners in their study of IGCSE First Language English for both the core and extended syllabus options. The course materials have been carefully designed to encourage the development of key English skills that will reach far beyond exams and assessments.

Learners not only gain the knowledge needed for IGCSE First Language English, but also have the opportunity to improve their reading, writing, speaking, listening and memory skills.

The core content is accompanied by fun learning features such as the online Motivation Map™ which helps learners to see how good English skills can unlock future opportunities beyond their IGCSE qualification.

Supporting video content helps to build the learners’ confidence, with an online FAQ feature providing motivation and reassurance on common areas of difficulty, both in the exam and in the wider study of English.

IGCSE English- Good for: Explaining, exploring and demonstrating the reading and writing skills needed to be successful at IGCSE English.

Resource details

The course consists of four units, students will generally be instructed to complete either Unit one or Unit two depending on which syllabus option applies to them, alongside Unit three and Unit four.

Unit one

Paper 1 (Core syllabus option)

This unit is about understanding and acquiring the core reading and writing skills needed to complete the writer effects question, summary question and directed writing question of the IGCSE English Paper 1.

Unit two

Unit three

Unit four

IGCSE English

Qualification Aim Number (QAN): 500/5782/0
Section 96: <16 / 16-18

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