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GCSE Child Development

GCSE AQA Home Economics: Child Development

This flexible, six-unit resource is ideal for teacher led
e-learning in the classroom or independent study. The topics are explained in short, interactive, engaging online lessons so that learners grasp concepts quickly and gain the skills and knowledge needed for their GCSE assessments. This qualification may be used as a platform for progression to GCE Health and Social Care, CACHE qualifications and a career in childcare.

GCSE Child Development - Good for: Explaining, exploring and evaluating a wide range of child development topics

Resource details

To ensure learners have explored all of the child development topics that they could be assessed on, learners must complete all six units.

Unit one


This unit is about understanding family including: types of family, planning for a family, how to prepare for a baby and how to provide a safe environment for children.

Unit two

Unit three

Unit four

Unit five

Unit six

GCSE Child Development

Qualification Aim Number (QAN): 500/4389/4
Section 96: <16 / 16-18

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