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Level 2 Maths

Study materials for Level 2 Maths

Our Level 2 Maths online study resources provide a vocational approach to maths, helping to boost confidence and motivation for learners who’ve had limited achievements in the subject. They’re equally useful for year 9 and 10 learners to build on their practical maths skills or as a year 11 ‘rescue’ option for struggling and ‘hard-to-reach’ learners.

Upon completion of these Level 2 Maths learning materials, learners can use our Functional Skills Maths resource to deal with real-life scenarios alongside practical tasks to help them practise and apply their maths skills.

Level 2 Maths - Good for: Boosting confidence in ‘hard to reach’ learners who struggle with maths

Resource details

In these resources, learners will need to work through two units. Each unit is divided into a number of manageable study sessions.

Unit one

Applications of number, statistics and probability in vocational roles

  • Working with numbers
  • Four operations
  • Percentage errors
  • Index notation and standard form
  • Using probability theory
  • Working with charts and diagrams
  • Interpreting data
  • Moving averages
  • Sampling techniques

Unit two