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System requirements

In order to login to vision2learn we recommend your web browser is up-to-date and that you have JavaScript and session-cookies enabled. By default, all major web browsers are configured to handle these requirements.

Below is a list of settings that we have detected from your Web browser. A green tick Green tick indicates that your system meets with our minimum requirements. If you see a red cross Red cross you may need to adjust your browser settings or upgrade. Please click on the relevant Help icon for further information.

  Your Web browser   Minimum requirements
Browser: No Unknown   Internet Explorer 9.0+; FireFox 16.0+; Google Chrome 15.0+
Session cookies: Session cookies disabled Disabled Help Session cookies enabled
JavaScript: Help JavaScript enabled
Flash plugin: Yes Help Version 9.0 (learners only)

  Your computer   Minimum requirements
Operating system: Unknown Help Windows 95
Screen resolution:   800 x 600

Need more help?

If you require further assistance please complete our technical support form.