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Time to re-consider the IGCSE?

Time to re-consider the IGCSE?

Tuesday, 09 July 2013

IGCSE English resources available through vision2learn for schools in time for September

At vision2learn for schools, we’re excited to be launching new IGCSE English resources for September. This choice might surprise some people, given our excellent reputation for vocational qualifications and resources aimed at harder-to-reach learners.

However, IGCSEs are not just an option for high achievers and private schools. We believe the approaches that have traditionally been applied to vocational qualifications can – and indeed must – now be applied to GCSEs and IGCSEs, as important changes affecting vocational qualifications come into place .

We’re already seeing great success with our existing GCSE resources and there is strong evidence to suggest that IGCSE English is the ideal next step for us and for many schools who might not have previously considered the qualification as suitable for their lower attainers.

The flexibility of IGCSEs means they are suitable for all ability levels and teachers can tailor learning to varying needs. Furthermore, the emphasis in IGCSEs is on positive achievement – students are rewarded for what they can do, rather than penalised for mistakes. We know from experience that this approach can really help hard-to-reach learners re-engage with study and feel motivated for the future. The qualification is also internationally recognised and well respected, opening up even more opportunities for pupils.

Schools already using IGCSEs are confirming that they are enabling students to perform to their strengths and helping to raise attainment. Our resources are the perfect addition to help support and sustain this success.

IGCSE English: The tried-and-tested vision2learn approach

Our engaging resources are based on proven strategies for raising attainment, and have been developed in collaboration with IGCSE English teachers and exam experts. We’ve had low-attaining boys particularly in mind during our course design process.

We’ve adapted our tried-and-tested approach to vocational qualifications and online GCSEs and included effective features that we know work, such as:

  • Step-by-step learning goals

  • Interactive content, such as videos, sound files and quizzes, to boost engagement

  • Highly structured templates to help pupils organise their ideas

  • Practice papers to master exam technique

  • ‘Help me’ alerts to show teachers where learners are struggling

  • Attitude and behaviour self-checks to encourage reflective and peer learning.

Our IGCSE English resources encourage a ‘personal best’ attitude – challenging learners to succeed independently in a context of support and collaboration. A fun online Motivation Map™ helps learners to see how good English skills can unlock future opportunities.

The clear, logical and succinct resources support pathways for both core and extended syllabus options and help with coursework as well as reading, writing, speaking and listening components. They are ideal for preparing learners for Cambridge exams and assessments in November and June. Comprehensive support resources for teachers are also included.

Find out more

If you’d like to register your interest in vision2learn for schools IGCSE English resources now or book a free meeting, please just get in touch .

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