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Five things you might not know about Progress 8

Five things you might not know about Progress 8

Friday, 20 June 2014

Now is the time to start preparing for Progress 8

Now is the time to start preparing for Progress 8 but do you know what it means for your school and pupils? Here are some of the key facts you need to know.

  1. Under the new accountability measures, schools will be measured on four key areas, rather than just the number that achieve five GCSE at grade A-C.
    These areas will be:

    • Pupils’ progress across 8 subjects - English and maths (both double weighted), three further EBacc subjects, and three other qualifications, including art, music and drama, and vocational subjects (such as engineering and business). Their progress will be compared to predictions based on achievements at Key Stage 2.

    • Whether pupils at a school typically achieve an average of one grade more than expected or one grade less

    • The percentage of pupils achieving a C grade in English and maths

    • The proportion of pupils gaining the EBacc

  2. Progress 8 is approaching fast – it will be introduced in all schools from 2016, the Government has said. The first implementation will be based on 2016 exam results and registered in performance in 2016/17 league tables.

  3. School will be able to opt in earlierand implement the new accountability measures based on 2015 results if they choose to.

  4. In recent guidance, the Government pointed out that although Progress 8 encourages students to take eight qualifications, this is not compulsory. If a student has fewer than eight qualifications or the qualifications they do sit are not on the list of subjects which count towards Progress 8, they will score 0 points for the unfilled slots.

    The Government noted: “It can be of more benefit to less-able students to strive for good grades (and hence score more points) in fewer subjects, with the emphasis on doing well in English and mathematics, than to take more subjects but achieve lower grades overall.”

  5. Some vocational qualifications will count towards Progress 8, such as certain Business, IT and Engineering courses.

    Get ready to achieve Progress 8 with e-learning

    Our unique online platform, vision2learn for schools, is designed to help schools like yours boost attainment for both high-ability and low-attaining learners. It adds value to Progress 8 curriculum delivery through:

    • self-directed online learning for high-attaining learners

    • blended e-learning with classroom support for low-attaining learners

    • early GCSE attainment in 3-year KS4 model

Our online learning resources, including GCSEs, vocational courses and Learning to Learn content, have been developed in conjunction with teaching professionals and are specifically focused on progression and raising attainment, and we have proven results at helping learners achieve more and make measurable progress . Using clear tracking tools, vision2learn for schools makes it simpler for teachers to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

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