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Pupil Premium: What works?

Pupil Premium: What works?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Make your pupil premium count - research shows what works

As we discussed in our last Pupil Premium blog post, although schools have flexibility about the way they spend the Pupil Premium, we know that accountability is key and it’s an area that Ofsted is increasingly focused on.

One of the good practice measures highlighted in Ofsted’s recent Pupil Premium guidance report, and something it will look for clear proof of, is that schools have drawn on research evidence to allocate the funding to activities that are most likely to improve achievement.

Useful research has been done into what works when it comes to the Pupil Premium, and much of it backs up our belief that our online qualifications and materials are a cost-effective and, importantly, justifiable way to spend the Pupil Premium.

The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit, compiled by Durham University academics, found that the most effective strategies for using the Pupil Premium include:

  • Effective feedback on learning – vision2learn’s clear learning goals and motivation tips help learners get ready to learn.

  • Learning to learn – vision2learn learners can see their progress at a glance and are encouraged to work and think independently.

  • Digital technology – vision2learn’s online resources mean pupils can learn anytime, anywhere through modern, interactive content.

vision2learn helps to raise attainment

We recently commissioned independent research* into the difference vision2learn is making to results in schools with high proportions of disadvantaged pupils. The study showed that schools in areas of high deprivation using vision2learn outperform their expected attainment levels, and the longer they’ve used vision2learn the better their results are! The fact that these schools punch above their weight in attainment terms is convincing proof that vision2learn supports schools in raising attainment.

(*CIL, March 2013)

What schools say

York High School

York High School’s proportion of students eligible for free school meals is above average and the level of social and economic disadvantage in the area served by the school is also above average.
(Ofsted, 2009)

The school uses a number of vision2learn programmes to boost attainment. York High School Deputy Head Gavin Cowley says online learning is a “key motivator” for many students at the school.

He said: “I know we’ve gained a lot as a school from offering these options. They make a real contribution to the school’s improvement in the percentage of pupils with 5 A-Cs – they’re a crucial part of the interventions we’re using to maximise achievement.”

See the full case study

Carshalton School for Boys

“The team at vision2learn have worked very hard at presenting new academic GCSEs suitable for kids who find it hard to access the current curriculum.

“They have been very good at working with schools in synthesising policies to support an appropriate curriculum for schools.”

(Simon Barber, Headteacher, Carshalton School for Boys)

See the full case study

See how vision2learn could help you make your Pupil Premium count

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